Before you ask, no I’m not sleeping with Elton John or a groupy on Dierks Bentley Tour or a Dave Mattthews Band Tour groupy and I have not even made the Grand Opry country house hall of fame!

Im not a groupie my mother would not let me be one (I did try) :-)

But on a serious note, I understand the frustrations of trying to buy tickets for top events regardless of the personnel on tour 2014.

New schedules for artists today announced that most artists will again have their own space at top venues like Chicago, Country Festivals and Opry Venues in Tennessee.

Known as ‘The Ole House Opry”, it will provide a vibrant dance space for fans to cruise and be cruised.

Top Tickets buying tips

  1. Stay calm to buy Opry tickets
  2. Search the top ticket sites for best prices like
  3. Look for seconds markets people will always sell if they can not make it for whatever reason

The Opry venue more than a Venue

More than a hotel, tour venue, artist platform to fame and riches, longest radio broadcast in America, its a museum, has regular tours and remains the home to country and western music to the likes of hall of famer’s including Joe and Rory, Charley Pride, Moe Bandy and nicknamed “Opryland” by its adoring fans. Top contemporary artists like Florida Georgia line tour dates have been listed and are selling out fast

This venue creates history, period.

The Opry is located in Nashville, Tennessee and will open with the Imagine Dragons Tour of 2014 and will have a full crowd going wild to celebrate this party show.

A variety of artists live 2014 performances will add to the vitality of the space. Men accompanied by their women friends will be permitted entry always :-)

artist music

According to Miss Sands, Live Ticketmaster Editor and Co-Chair, the concert will be adorned in the style of a nightclub. “Think a 1940s rock concert,” said Steph. “Think red velvet and gold trimmings. The fans are going to love this gig and we’re excited about being able to introduce this CMA Music festival in America. The schedule of such artists will feature different lighting, times and dates.


Steph is keen to point out that the artists coming to the Grand Opry venue is a definite country music concert environment. “In teaming with the theme, Opryland is not a sleazy, dirty, space… fans can feel comfortable to be themselves,” she continued. “I encourage fans of all artists to check it out and make the most of these super artists coming to Nashville, Tennessee.”


Fear of Failing

At the Start of Any Journey their is fear, the fear of failing.

Learning Spanish is no different.

There are a million ways to learn and everyone is telling you something different and the best way of learning is this or that….

For me there  is no best way, all these methods should combine to help you make the learning fun and well rounded. New techniques are sexy but they all require hard work.

Spanish Learning Curve

For example one great technique is to start using kids media to help your learning curve for Spanish. I spent a couple of hours listening to Spanish nursery songs and to my amazement I knew most of the lyrics to several by the end of my listening cycle.

YouTube for Learning

A quick trip to unleashes a torrent of videos and learning blogs that will get you started I discovered these blogs in under 30 seconds.



Lessons and Spain

A local reporter interviews the professors at Instituto Picasso about the school (in Spanish)

As can be seen in this video, they are perfect in helping you get an understanding of the language, mannerisms and other techniques for learning the language.

Learning to speak a second language using software is a hot trend right now. It’s the perfect way to pick up conversational skills quickly and for not a ton of money. Whether you want to learn to speak Spanish for a vacation destination, business, or maybe as a hobby, learn to speak Spanish software is probably the simplest way to do it.

Before you rush out to purchase just any Spanish lesson software there are a few things you should know about. Not everyone learns to speak the same way, and different programs have different features. In this article we’ll cover four areas of learn to speak Spanish software that are important to know about before you buy.


Video Lessons or Audio Lessons

The first thing to consider with any Spanish software is the teaching method used. Most programs are either video or audio based. I like using videos to learn, how ever you might prefer listening to audio lessons while you’re on the go.

A good audio Spanish learning program will supplement the audio lessons with computer based games, quizzes, and exercises to help with vocabulary, grammar, and writing.

If you think you’d prefer video Spanish lessons it is going to cost a few more dollars but it’s similar to having a personal tutor right in the room with you. The videos teach more in a shorter period of time, and it’s not just conversational Spanish but also writing, pronunciation, and more.

Important Phrases or Vocabulary Memorization

If you took Spanish in grade school then you’re familiar with the memorization concept. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t work very well. Sure it teaches you lots of words, but that doesn’t mean you can form meaningful sentences.


If you want to be a good conversational Spanish speaker in native countries then knowing 1000 different words isn’t going to help. Knowing how to ask everyday questions, and converse with every day phrases is better. I’d opt for a piece of Spanish learning software that’s emphasis is learning phrases rather then just building a huge vocabulary via memorization.

Pronunciation through Speech Recognition

This feature isn’t offered in all programs but it really is the cats meow if you want to speak authentic Spanish. High end learn to speak Spanish software like Tell Me More Spanish will record you speaking Spanish via a microphone and then critique your quality of pronunciation.

This is the equivalent of having a native Spanish speaker evaluating your progress along the way.

Lesson Plan and Feedback

Something that potential Spanish learners often don’t think about is the structure learn to speak Spanish software uses when you learn. A good program will provide an easy to follow lesson guide that says do lesson one, then two and so on. This way you’re sure to learn things in the proper order.

If you decide to go for a program that has lots of great content, but doesn’t do a great job at ordering it then you might spend a lot of time playing games, learning vocabulary etc. yet feel like you’re really not learning to speak the language.

7 Components To Take Advantage Of With Rocket Spanish

Learning Spanish can be an overwhelming and rather disappointing process if you do not approach it the right way. It can be rather difficult to pick up without the proper materials and assistance.

Fortunately Rocket Spanish claims it can help you speak Spanish confidently and naturally in just eight weeks.


Become Fluent In No Time With Learning Spanish Like Crazy

There are a plethora of different Spanish learning courses on the market that you can look into. The problem with many of them is that they do not help the people who are looking to learn how to speak Latin American Spanish quickly and easily.

Learning Spanish Like Crazy claims to have just the program for you to help you become fluent in no time.

Understanding the spanish by kids

Learn Spanish The Easy Way With a Spanish Course Online

Whether you have taken Spanish lessons in school or have tried out a program online before you are well aware that it is not the easiest thing to accomplish in life. However Spanish Online courses makes learning this language not only fun but easy as well.

If you want to actually be able to use Spanish in the real world efficiently this package definitely has what you need.

What Is The Best Way To Learn Spanish?

People looking to pick up another language are always wondering what the best way to learn Spanish is. This can be difficult to answer being that everyone learns differently from one another. Some prefer hearing words while others learn best with visuals and pictures. Regardlessyou will find the best way for you to learn Spanish is to surround yourself with the language as much as possible.

There are several ways you can surround yourself with the language without having to study abroad or go live in a Spanish speaking country. Of coursethat is the best way to do sobut not everyone has the money or is willing to actually do such a thing just to learn a different language.


For this reasonyou need to start with the little things. Order a subscription to one or two different Spanish magazines that you can read up on. Having them around the house with a dictionary to help you translate words you do not understand can speed up the process. Instead of picking up Sports Illustrated or Better Homes & Gardenyou can order Cosmopolitan in Spanish or the Hispanic magazine.

In addition to filling your home with Spanish magazineswatch the Spanish channel for 30 to 60 minutes a day. Just hearing the words can help you understand what is going on and how various words are pronounced. Do not get down on yourself if you are having difficult picking out what is being said as it takes time. But just being around it is extremely beneficial.


Similar to watching the Spanish channelordering movies or renting them on Netflix can help with the progression. Find a movie you have seen before in Spanish and match verses you already know with how they are said in Spanish. This is an enjoyable way to pick up the language rather than cramming your brain with note cards.


The last way to learn Spanish by being around it constantly is to listen to audio tapes before you go to bed every night. They can be books on tape or actual lessons that give you a word in English and then say it in Spanish. Regardlessit allows you to take in some Spanish just before dozing off.

By far the best way to learn Spanish is to surround yourself with it as much as possible. You do not have to go to Mexico for a year in order to do this. By renting movies in Spanishreading Spanish magazinesand listing to audio tapes before going to bedyou will gradually learn the language efficiently and fluently.

Cava Wine was developed in the 1860’s after a wine maker, Josep Raventos, discovered this sparkling wine in the Champagne region of France. He loved the crispness and the dry yeasty taste displayed by the sparkling wines and wanted to create his own in Spain in the same method as the French used which is described here. The Spanish sparkling wine he eventually created he called “Champán,” Spanish for “Champagne” which would become the name for these Spanish sparkling wines until the European wine makers union forced the Spanish wine-makers to change their name. They eventually did so to “Cava,” the Spanish word for cave, which was usually where the Cavas were stored.


In essence, these Cava wines are not that much different compared to French champagne. I should mention that for this article I mention Champagne made in France, not the American “champagne” you can buy for $8 at the liquor store. Mostly the same grapes are used and the processing and storage methods are exactly the same. Why is Cava wine then so much cheaper than champagne generally? For one, French champagne is way more popular. Ever hear of Dom Perignon? Cristal? Exactly. Basic economics of supply and demand mandate that Champagne can be priced higher due to increased demand. Add in the many dollars (or Euros) thrown in for the marketing of champagne to maintain the association of Champagne with glamour and the priced can be bumped up even higher. The more money put in to get the wines sold, the more they can charge. Another reason perhaps? The climate of the Champagne region in France where the grapes are grown is generally colder however, year to year the average temperature of the region can change drastically. Predicting when to harvest the grapes every year is quite difficult, adding more work to maintain the high quality. Therefore add an extra bump in the price. Champagne makers also hand pick the grapes and grade every single grape in quality. Add in the regal prestige of Champagne (for example the first bottle of Cristal was made specially for the Czar of Russia in the late 1600’s and never became publicly retailed until the early 1900’s) and Cava never had a chance to compete prestige-wise after it was first made.

 Understand the spanish

Poor Cava never had a chance it seems. Until this current economic downturn. Cava was flying under the radar for quite a long time. People were even buying it in the States without even knowing it was not Champagne but, Cava. If you have ever bought “champagne” from Freixenet or Cordoniu then you really bought Cava. Even I made this mistake before I became more interested in Spanish wine. Some people even consider Cava to be better than Champagne which is really no surprise. The warmer and more consistent climates that produce Cava can actually make the grapes more ripe, therefore better for wine production. The grapes are even handpicked and graded in the same fashion as the French yet the cost is drastically lower. To put this all together, there is a strong potential that for a much lower price Cava wine could be a better buy than actually buying French Champage, and even American “champagne.” The method of production, the hand-picking and quality grading of the grapes, and the Cava D.O.’s themselves can lead to a much better sparkling wine than what people expect.

If you are on a budget and want to enjoy a good foreign sparkling wine of high quality at a lower price then look away from the French and strongly consider Spain. You, and your wallet, might thank you.

No two applicants have the same reason for Studying Abroad. For one it could be as simple as not getting into the right College/University in India and for the other it could be lack of job opportunities in his/her field of study and for many, an easy way of a secured future. Whatever your reason for deciding to Study Overseas you will find that higher education abroad adds considerable value to your professional development. A good degree is a stamp of excellence that marks you for life. It can enhance your career and prepare you for leadership in your country or anywhere in the world. It can broaden your horizons and expose you to a variety of perspectives, the latest technology, and state-of-the-art research and training. You can make contacts with colleagues abroad which may lead to collaborations with leading international researchers after you return to your home country. With the large number and variety of colleges and universities outside India, you are certain to find one that matches your needs and interests, no matter what your criteria. And what’s more, with the right kind of planning and guidance, you can study abroad at very low costs and even Free on a Scholarship. Application process makes the vital difference and is the most important criteria.


Study Work Abroad Destinations

Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Australia,Austria, Baltic States, Bangladesh, Belgium, Benin, Bermuda, Bolivia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi , Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Caribbean Other, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, CoteD’Ivoire, Croatia, Cuba, SPAIN, Czech Republic , Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador,England, Ethiopia Falkland Islands, Fiji,Finland, Former Soviet States, France ,Gal pagos Islands, Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Guatemala, Guyana, Hawaii,Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland,Indonesia,Ireland,Israel, Italy Jamaica, Japan, Jordan , Kenya, Kuwait ,Laos,Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg Madagascar, Malaysia, Mali, Malta,Mauritius, Mexico, Micronesia, Mongolia,Morocco, Mozambique, Multi-Country Programs Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands,New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger,Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Norway , Pakistan,Palestine, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Polynesia, Portugal,Programs at Sea, Puerto Rico , Qatar , Romania, Russia , Saudi Arabia,Scotland, Senegal, Serbia-Montenegro (formerly Yugoslavia), Singapore,Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden,Switzerland, Syria , Taiwan, Tanzania,Thailand, Tibet, Tunisia, Turkey ,Uganda,Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay,Venezuela, Vietnam , Wales , Yemen, Yugoslavia (now Serbia-Montenegro) Zambia, Zimbabwe.


Courses offered in SPAIN

Aboriginal Studies, Accountancy Agriculture, Alternative Medicine Anatomy, Aquaculture, Archaeology, Architecture, Art & Design, Arts and Humanities, Audio Engineering, Australian Studies, Automotive Dealership MGT, Aviation Studies, Banking and Finance Biochemistry,Biological Sciences, Biology, Biomedical Sciences,Biotechnology, Built Environment, Business and Management, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computing, Communication/Media Studies, Dance, Design, Drama, E-Commerce Economics, Education, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Engineering English, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Studies, Fashion/Textile Design Film/Video/Television, Fine Art, Food Science & Technology, French Geography, Geology, Health Sciences, History, Hotel and Hospitality, Horticulture, Human Movement, Human Resources,Industrial Relations, Information Technology, International Business, International Health Care Management, Interior Design, Journalism, Languages and Linguistics, Law, Life Sciences, Manufacturing Management, Maritime Studies, Marine Biology, Marketing, Materials Science, MBA, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Metallurgy, Minerals/Mineral Engineering, Multimedia, Music, Nursing, Performing Arts, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Photography, Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Physics, Politics, Property, Psychology, Public Health, Public Relations, Pure Mathematics, Social Work, Sociology, Sports Science, Technical and Further Education, Telecommunications, Theology, Tourism, Town and Country Planning, Veterinary Science, Web Design, Zoology

Madrid, Spain is a unique city and at an altitude of 2100 feet it could be a single of Europe’s highest capital cities. Madrid is not only the money of Spain, but it is also the world’s capital of bullfighting. Shop at some of Europe’s finest outlets, watch entire world class artwork galleries, get together all night or watch a classic Flamenco dance. You can’t go wrong when you journey to Madrid.

1. Puerta Del Sol

Commence your trip to Madrid here. The Puerta Del Sol is the center of it all. This is exactly where all of the radial highways start. In the central location of Puerta Del Sol you will come across the well-known statue of a bear standing against a tree which is centered on Madrid’s coat of arms.

2. Bullfights

You cannot go to Spain devoid of seeing a bullfight. Madrid is the residence of bullfighting so if you have never noticed a bullfight and want to, this is the put to see it. Some of the greatest Spanish bullfights are in Madrid. The bullfighting season generally goes from March to October.

Kids learn English with busuu

3. Palacio Real

The Royal Palace is a beautiful and a very essential location in Madrid. Unless of course there is official organization taking location, the Royal Palace is open to the public. You will have to shell out an entrance charge, but it is effectively value it. Make positive to check out the beautiful formal gardens while you’re there.

4. Prado Museum

The Prado Museum is one particular of the most crucial museums in the planet and with out a doubt the delight of Madrid. In this museum you will come across the world’s best collection of Spanish paintings. If you are engaged in artwork this is a must to see.

5. Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor is a marvelous historical site to see. In the middle of the square stands the statue of Philip III on horseback. Entry to the square is via one particular of nine arches and only foot targeted traffic is permitted in the square.


6. Parque Del Buen Retiro

This huge park has a central lake, statues, many fountains, and nice walkways. It is a relaxing location to get away from the city throughout the week and meditate or take it easy for a while. Go to the lake and hire oneself a boat and float on the lake or take pleasure in some of the road entertainers that regular the park.

7. The Gran By way of

A should see street if you adore architecture. Quite a few various designs of buildings are seen on this road and are quite well preserved.


8. Puerta De Alcala

This is the most critical and longest street in Madrid. It is identified in the middle of the Plaza de la Independencia on Calle de Alcala.

9. Estacion De Atocha

A single of two major railways in Madrid, the Estacion de Atocha has gorgeous tropical garden that grace the main hall. You will come here to catch all of the nationwide, high-velocity trains.

10. Plaza Colon

Many monuments of Columbus and his guys dating back again to 1885 are found right here. In the center of the square are The Gardens of Discovery. Underneath the square is the Cultural Middle. In the center is a theater, concert hall and exhibition rooms. The center is hidden from view by a wall of water.
There are quite a few other amazing issues to see in Madrid, but these are some of my favorites.
Have a Wonderful Trip!

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Details about traveling to and inside of the region of Spain which includes flights, rail and road journey and ferry providers

Mainland Spain is situated on the Iberian peninsula in the southwest of Europe. It also encompasses two groups of islands. The Islas Baleares (Balearic Islands), in the Mediterranean, Mallorca the most significant island is just more than one hundred miles off the eastern coast and the Islas Canarias (Canary Islands) which are situated about 5 hundred miles to the southwest and lie off the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Mellila and Cueta are two Spanish enclaves in Morocco on the African continent.


Whilst Spain is a single of the world’s top locations for the bundle vacation there is a lot more to this region than the seashores of the costas and islands. The impartial traveler will want to move around see what a lot more Spain has to supply.

Acquiring there – There are thirty one particular airports on the mainland serving the subsequent cities and towns: A Coruna, Albacete, Alicante, Almería, Asturias, Badajoz, Barcelona, Bilbao, Burgos, Cordoba, Girona, Granada, Jerez de la Frontera, Leon, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia, Pamplona, Reus, Sabadell, Salamanca, San Sebastian, Santander, Santiago, Sevilla, Valencia, Valladolid, Vigo and Zaragoza. In the Canaries the islands of El Hierro, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, Lanzarote and Tenerife and in the Balearics Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca all have airports. Gibraltar, the British colony at the southern most tip of Spain, also has it’s own airport. British Airways and the Monarch fly every day to Gibraltar from numerous departure factors in the United Kingdom and Monarch has some extremely good deals on seats. Main carriers present scheduled flights to Spain but it is also a principal destination for budget airlines with return flights readily available for less than one hundred Euros from other European cities. It is also achievable to select up bargain seats on the many charter flights serving the tourist business. Air travel inside of Spain, with the exception of a couple of finances airlines, is costly.


Main roads present entry from Portugal to the west and France which borders Spain to the northeast. Road travel inside of the country can differ. Numerous roads are not of a good common but Spain has received billions of Euros in help from the European Union and considerably of this has been spent on the infrastructure and so it is also doable to travel on some of the latest and best roads on the continent. The country is properly served by several bus companies linking the main towns and cities with express providers. There are also a wealth of regional bus companies.

The train service is effectively formulated enabling entry to the country from each Portugal and France and rapidly journey among towns and cities inside Spain. Fares are low cost in contrast to some other key European nations. Madrid and Barcelona are served by in depth Metro (underground railway) networks.

In addition to the several inter island companies ferries run from the mainland to the two the island groups and the two enclaves in Morocco. The Canary Islands are served by a boat running from Cadiz. The journey is prolonged, some 48 hrs and the sea problems typically make for a rough passage. It could be preferable to fly even though as we have currently pointed out this can be costly. Ferries from Tariffa and Algeciras, in the Andalucian province of Cadiz, run to Tanger in Morroco. Ferries also hyperlink the enclave of Cueta with Tariffa, Algeciras and Malaga. Mellila, the other enclave is served by a boats out of Malaga and Almeria. The Balearic Islands have providers to the mainland working to Barcelona, Valencia and Denia.

Far more info about Spain can be discovered at the Spanish Travel Information