How To Buy Tickets For Top Magic Events: Secrets!

Before you ask, no I’m not sleeping with Elton John or a groupy on Dierks Bentley Tour or a Dave Mattthews groupy and I didnt make the Grand Opry  hall of fame!

Im not a groupie my mother would not let me be one (I did try) 🙂

But on a serious note, I understand the frustrations of trying to buy tickets for top events regardless of the personnel on tour 2014.

Cirque de Soleil – Las Vegas Shows

Take Criss Angel’s Beleive top Circque de Soleil Magic show at the Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas.

Criss has now taken on the mantle now of best “Magician of the Millenium” from some critics, high praise indeed, not sure David Copperfield agrees!

New Shows on the Horizon

New schedules for artists today announced that most artists will again have their own space at top venues like Chicago, Country Festivals and Opry Venues in Tennessee.

Known as ‘The Ole House Opry”, it will provide a vibrant dance space for fans to cruise and be cruised.

Top Tickets buying tips

  1. Stay calm to buy Opry tickets
  2. Search the top ticket sites for best prices like
  3. Look for seconds markets people will always sell if they can not make it for whatever reason

The Opry venue more than a Venue

More than a hotel, tour venue, artist platform to fame and riches, longest radio broadcast in America, its a museum, has regular tours and remains the home to country and western music to the likes of hall of famer’s including Joe and Rory, Charley Pride, Moe Bandy and nicknamed “Opryland” by its adoring fans. Top contemporary artists like Florida Georgia line tour dates have been listed and are selling out fast

This venue creates history, period.

The Opry is located in Nashville, Tennessee and will open with the Imagine Dragons Tour of 2014 and will have a full crowd going wild to celebrate this party show.

A variety of artists live 2014 performances will add to the vitality of the space. Men accompanied by their women friends will be permitted entry always 🙂

artist music

According to Miss Sands, Live Ticketmaster Editor and Co-Chair, the concert will be adorned in the style of a nightclub. “Think a 1940s rock concert,” said Steph. “Think red velvet and gold trimmings. The fans are going to love this gig and we’re excited about being able to introduce this CMA Music festival in America. The schedule of such artists will feature different lighting, times and dates.


Steph is keen to point out that the artists coming to the Grand Opry venue is a definite country music concert environment. “In teaming with the theme, Opryland is not a sleazy, dirty, space… fans can feel comfortable to be themselves,” she continued. “I encourage fans of all artists to check it out and make the most of these super artists coming to Nashville, Tennessee.”