Malaga: Instituto Picasso for the “Art” of learning Spanish


Fear of Failing, Get Over It

At the start of any journey there is fear, the fear of failing.

Learning Spanish is no different.

There are a million ways to learn and everyone is telling you something different and the best way of learning is this or that….

For me there  is no best way, all these methods should combine to help you make the learning fun and well rounded. New techniques are sexy but they all require hard work.

Spanish Learning Curve

For example one great technique is to start using kids media to help your learning curve for Spanish. I spent a couple of hours listening to Spanish nursery songs and to my amazement I knew most of the lyrics to several by the end of my listening cycle. Some people have great success with using Spanish software packages to learn it depends on what works for you

YouTube for Learning

A quick trip to unleashes a torrent of videos and learning blogs that will get you started I discovered these blogs in under 30 seconds.

  5. goto Spain!

Dont just accept the teachings of this post you need to go out and speak Spanish, learn through all mediums, for total submersion jump on an aeroplane to Spain.

Journey to Spain and Eat Tapas with the Locals

You have no excuse, for less than a good night out you can fly return to Malaga Airport (AGP) book a cheap airport transfer, accommodation and get down with the locals.

This learning process is about submersion.

Dont fear the fact that your not perfect, what are you perfect at?


and does that stop you from trying or doing that? No, I rest my case


Lessons and Spain

A local reporter interviews the professors at Instituto Picasso about the school (in Spanish)

As can be seen in this video, they are perfect in helping you get an understanding of the language, mannerisms and other techniques for learning the language.