My Spanish Trip: Taking My Own Advice

Ok, ok I know what your thinking I can give advice out but don’t follow it.

Well I decided enough is enough.

I have an old friend that lives on the Costa del Sol, near Marbella to be precise.

And after a quick Facebook post he was golden and I kindly invited myself over to visit him for a long weekend.

I had researched some great family friendly resorts in Malaga province but on this occasion the family was staying in the UK

Im Off To Sunny Spain

I went onto sorted through the flights to Malaga Airport and  booked a cheap airport transfer to Marbella.

Now, this is test I thought to myself. I am only going to Speak Spanish the whole trip!

I had researched a lot of bars and restaurants to visit on my trip to Marbella, Ronda, Puerto Banus and beyond. I had pre-booked daily excursions via malaga transfers who are a English based family run business operating from Malaga Airport and service the Costa del sol.

I have been learning Spanish on and off for several years and I’m no better now than I was back then. The more I learn the more I forget!!

Spanish Flying Episode In Light Entertainment

I spoke to the stewardesses opn the plane in my best Spanish, hola, gracias, quiero, and a few other easy Spanish phrases that anyone can learn.

On the aeroplane it was quite funny as the lady who was talking my head off the whole journey in English eventually asked me a question in English and I replied in Spanish and her reply was like oh….er sorry I dont speak Spanish.


Then the rest of the journey was in peace, learning Spanish does have other positives you know!

I have been to Malaga before a long time ago and it is a beautiful, full of cool tapas places to eat and cafes to die for.

Tell me somewhere that is more relaxing than watching the world go by at a leisurely pace cos I wanna be there.

Some wicked things to do in Malaga:

  • shopping in Larios centre
  • watch Malaga FC play La Liga football against Real Madrid, (if you can afford and get a ticket).
  • dine out and party at Malaga Port
  • visit the ancient Alcazaba fort
  • visit plaza major huge shopping and entertainment area (Renfe train leaves twice every hour from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola and back.

If you have some more time I would recommend you visit Marbella and Puerto Banus if only to say you ve been there.

Traveling around Spain is not hard in fact its easy and cheap you just have to try and get out your comfort zone